Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Australian food and drink probably doesn’t get the credit it deserves. With numerous different climates and the ability to easily transport different products you can bank on delicious fresh food when you eat out.

Planning where you will be eating on your holiday can be a big way to cut costs, you don’t want to be penny pinching for your whole holiday but knowing about well priced restaurants in certain areas can be handy.

Here are a few tips that might help you if you are planning a visit to Australia.

Make Use of Public Water Fountains

Buying bottled water can prove to be quite expensive but if you do keep a hold of your bottle. There are a number of public water fountains that you can refill your bottle in for free. Keep an eye out for any marked ‘bore water’ as this is not suitable drinking water.

Late Trips to Shopping Malls

If you are looking for a cheap meal, food courts in shopping malls in the run up to closing time will often have a lot of food they know they wo’t shift and will not keep until the next day. You can sometimes get discounted deals or bigger portions from these outlets and is always a good option.

Eat Out at the Right Times

On holiday we often find ourselves eating out but doing this during the day when menus are a lot cheaper can end up saving you a lot of money. You can still enjoy the atmosphere but lunch time menus can be considerably better value for money.

Make the Most of Shopping Deals

Quite often you will recieve coupons and deals on the back of reciepts if you are out shopping so keep an eye out for these. They can be a great way to help you make up your mind where you are going and get a bit off the bill too.


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