Things to Know Before Visiting Australia

Before travelling anyweher you are always recommended to do a little bit of homework. Nobody wants any nasty surprises on their break so finding out the important info before you get there is essential.

Looking ahead to get information on currency is a huge part of any trip but little details like electrical outlets, finding out if you can drink the tap water and general temperatures and climate for when you will be there are all things that could make your holiday a bit awkward.

We are going to look at a few things that you might want to know before visiting Australia, some of these might not be relevant to your trip but who knows, you might get a crucial bit of information here.

Australia is Big

If you are visiting Australia for the first time you might not understand just how vast the country is, in fact it is a continent and if you think you can just hop from one side of the island to the other you have another thing coming.

Distances between towns can be far larger than what Europeans are used to so planning ahead on where you hope to visit is advised. Some suggest targeting certain areas so you can fully explore them.

If you are lucky enough to have the time to dedicate to fully exploring Australia then travelling by car is a great way to see everything the country has to offer. Travelling by car offers you the flexibility to visit places that may bypass you if you decided to travel by air or rail.

Checking before hand for good rental car rates will help you to save money and another option that can cut costs is by searching for coupon codes. Coupon codes for rental cars in Australia will offer you even more benefits with offers like free insurance, discounts and upgrades available. Check out to get a better idea of the deals and offers that you can find when you are renting a car in Australia.

Australia is Still Big

When you are dealing with somewhere as big as Australia, planning for the weather can be tricky. You couldn’t just say that it will be sunny in Australia today, you can have vastly different climates all around the country so knowing where you will be and when will help you to prepare.


We already mentioned electrical appliances, and I’m willing to bet fewer than 1% of travellers don’t at least have a phone charger with them. Well, if you already have plug adaptor sockets for European travel or trips to the US you can add another to your collection as Australia has its own unique plugs.

Tipping Etiquette

In some countries you are expected to tip before you even get something. There are stories of Mexican bars refusing to serve people without being paid off first and to be honest, this can put a dampner on your holiday. If you go somewhere and have to tip everyone from the waiter to the barman to the toilet attendant you can get pretty fed up.

In Australia you tip if you want to. If you were particularly pleased with your service and want to show your gratitude then a tip is warmly recieved but not expected.

Now it goes without saying that you will need a bit more info to get by than this but it is a starting point. Planning your holiday in advance will let you know what kind of restaurants or attractions will be in the areas you are visiting so don’t be afraid to have a bit of an itinerary.

Most of all, enjoy yourself. Australia is a beautiful country with so much to offer so have a great trip no matter where you go or what you do.


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